Puppies and Litters

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Planned litters and available puppies..., also check on next page for additional pictures, informtion.





Do not be fooled by puppy mills in northeast Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, or Oklahoma that say their dogs have health clearances or are cleared by parentage, as NONE or their dogs or parents have ALL the REQUIRED health clearances that are needed for a healthy puppy. Do your homework. An UNHEALTHY puppy will be an UNHEALTHY dog and only lead to family heartache. "Yelp" has terrible reviews for us written by a "Missouri puppy miller" who had their Portuguese Water Dog Club of America membership removed with our assistance and documentation. 


All prospective homes must fill out a puppy application form to be considered for a puppy. Please contact me at bispwd@gmail.com for an application. References available upon Request. 


 ALL PWD show/breeder quality puppies are sold on co-ownership until spay/neutered.  The PWD must finish it's AKC Championship and pass all PWDCA required health tests prior to being bred after two years of age. This is at the expense of the buyer.  A female cannot be bred more than 4 times in her lifetime and then spay.  The litters will be co-owned and split evenly with the co-owner.  

As always,.... pictures and pedigrees upon request!

For Litter/Puppy information email or call us at 402-239-3579.

Pictures and pedigrees available upon request. Prices range $5000 (PWD) and up in US Dollars for show/breeding pups. Pet quality puppies (non-breedable must be neuter/spay) are very limited this year, so please call for information. Puppies cannot leave before they are at least 8-10 weeks old. We can meet you at the Omaha, Lincoln, or Kansas City airport if you fly in to pick up your puppy. I may also be available to fly to you and delivery your puppy personally for "nanny and airline fees". Shipping is available, however we prefer you come meet us and pick up your puppy personally. Shipping prices vary domestically and price ranges around $750 (depending on the size of puppy and crate) in the continental US. Shipping/Delivery fees (Airfare, crate and health certificate, etc.) are not included in the puppy price. We do not ship internationally, you must come pick up your puppy. Thank you for your interest in a puppy from us.


Pet or Show Quality Available