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Featured below are current and upcoming Success' in the Ring!

Watch for us in the ring near you!

CH. Driftwood N Broek's Goldfish

Goldfish winning at the 2013 Nationals.


Success: The Name Says It All!    With 71 AKC Champions and more to come......                                                                                                               

Over Four Decades of Champions and Dedication to the Breed

Member of the Portuguese Water Dog Club Of America
Member of the Chinese Shar Pei Club Of America since 1986
Member of the Great Plains Chinese Shar Pei Club
Member of the Heart of America Chinese Shar Pei Club
Member of the Seward County Kennel Club
Member of the Platte Valley Kennel Club
Member of the Missouri Valley Portugese Water Dog Club 

CH. Alpha Hi Voltage of Wrinklewoks
CH. Mica Daphne
CH. Thundermoon's Speak Of The Devil
CH. MsJoys Tarnished Halo, CGC
CH. Spirit Chevy Hai Li
CH. Success' Milo Ace Of Spades
CH. Twilights Devil In Disguise (Munchie X Desi)
CH. Success' Devil In Disquise TM (Munchie X Desi)
CH. Good Fortune's Legacy of Success
CH. Success' Empire Earth Angel (Munchie X Desi)
CH. Success' Ina New York Minute (Red X Savannah)
CH. Success' Heisman Trophy (Monkey X Savannah)
CH. Majic's Ring Of Fire
CH. Zing Zoo's Master Of Success
CH. Aragorn's Joliet Jake Blues
CH. Success' Uptown Girl (Gibson X Manhattan)
CH. Success' Hot Child In The City (Mitchell X Manhattan)
CH. Success' Ransom Of The Heart (Gibson X Manhattan)
CH. Success' I Rest My Case (Monkey X Ray)
CH. Success' Lord Of The Ring (Eric X Chynna)
CH. Success' Pretty Special (Eric X Devi)
CH. Good Fortune's Angel Among Us
BIS CH. Driftwood's Broek Success At Love
CH. Zing Zoo's The Shinning Light
CH. Success' In The Bronx (Uno X Manhattan)

CH. Driftwood’s Beach Bum

CH. Timbe's Monisignor O'Bryan

BIS CH. Preshar Jodeo Baywalker

CH. Timbe's Two Tear Drops Success
CH. Driftwood N’ Broek’s Goldfish
CH. Thunder Moon’s Firefly Nustar

CH. Success' Settin’ The Standard (Monkey X Devi)

CH. Zing Zoo's The Spunky Monkey

CH. Good Fortune's Goodfellow

CH. Far East Winstonsonic Salvation (Eric X Boogie)

CH. Success' Geisha Girl (Uno X Kee-Air-A)

CH. Success' All American Girl (Eric X Chynna)

CH. Far East Sparkling Success (Eric X Boogie)

CH. Driftwood N Broek Success' U Go Girl (Tino X Goldfish)

CH. Driftwood's Try Going Going Gone (Tino X Goldfish)

CH. Driftwood Broek Success' Goes On (Tino X Goldfish)

CH. Tiffany's Ruddy Boy Otis

CH. Success' Far East Good Karma (Eric X Boogie)

CH. Success' Far East Other Brother Darrell (Ringo X Boogie)

CH. Success' On Broadway (Ringo X Manhattan)

CH. Success' Jazzin' It Up (Ringo X Geisha) 

CH. Driftwood N Broek Solid Gold Success (Woody X Goldfish)

CH. Far East Periwinkle Success (Ringo X Boogie)

CH. Success' On A Mission (Uno X Manhattan)

GR CH. Far East Pucker Up Poppe Success CDX RAE (Ringo & Boogie)

CH. Success' Class Act (TJ & Ziggy)

CH. Driftwood Mirage Success Cool Dude (Dos X Skye)

Int. & CH. Success' Rock Star (Uno X Emmy)

CH. Success' Beach Baby of Sagmar (TJ X Panda)

CH. Success' Lady Antebellum (Uno X Jazzy)

CH. Far East Waltzing Matilda Success (Uno & Peri)

GCH Far East Kipling's Escapade Success (Uno & Peri

CH. Far East Glenn Ezra Cafer Success Hawk (Uno & Peri)

CH. Success' Taken By Surprise (Tino & Moxie)

Int. & GCH. Success' Here's Lookin' At U, Kid (Indy X Sierra)

CH. Far East Belmont Beauty Success Ripbby RN (Uno X Peri)

CH. Success' Far East Beatrice Ruby (Rocky X Vegas)

GRCH. Aviator Success' Waterbug Blackjack (Lady Bug & Jack)

CH. Keevabay Success' Lake Effect (Dylan X Diva) Canada

CH. Far East Luscious Lucas Success (Rocky X Amber)

CH. Far East Whatsmatta U Success (Rocky X Amber)

Int & GRCH. Success' Crown Royal (Maddox & King)

GRCH. Success' Wild Card of Success (Maddox & Deuce)

CH. Success' Zohar's Excellent Adventure (Lisbon & Ted)

CH. Success' Walks On Water (Ally & Bugsy)